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Pioneer Award

Description of Pioneer Award

The Pioneer Award is bestowed by the International Embryo Technology Society (IETS) to recognize individuals who have made seminal contributions to the development of embryo-based technologies.

Procedures for Award Nominations

Nominations are accepted on a yearly basis from members of IETS with a deadline of May 1. Nominations may be initiated by individual members, members of the Awards Committee, or the Board of Governors. A call for nominations will be made by email and publication in the newsletter in the spring of each year. Unless otherwise stated in the description of the award, nominees do not need to be members of IETS but must be willing to attend the awards ceremony in person unless their health precludes travel. Awards will be presented yearly provided deserving nominees are forthcoming. Selection will be made by an Awards Committee chaired by the Past-President of IETS and certified by the Board of Governors.

Pioneer Award Winners

Year Winner
1982 (inaugural award) R.O. Berry
1983 M.C. Chang
1984 L.E. Casida
1985 L.E.A. Rowson
1986 T. Sugie
1987 E. J. Christopher Polge
1988 A. L. McLaren and D. Mitchie
1989 Charles G. Thibault
1990 John D. Biggers
1991 A. K. Tarkowski
1992 R. L. Brinster
1993 R. G. Edwards
1994 N. W. Moore
1995 C. R. Austin
1996 W. K. Whitten
1997 Suzanne Wintenberger-Torres
1998 Ian Gordon
1999 Robert Moor
2000 R. Yanigamachi
2001 Philip J. Dziuk
2002 Robert H. Foote
2003 Keith J. Betteridge
2004 Benjamin G. Brackett
2005 Steen Willadsen
2006 Duane C. Kraemer
2007 Akira Iritani
2008 George E. Seidel, Jr.
2009 Stanley P. Leibo
2010 Reuben J. Mapletoft
2011 Ian Wilmut
2012 Oliver J. Ginther
2013 Joachim Hahn
2014 William W. Thatcher
2015 Jean-Paul Renard
2015 Keith H.S. Campbell
2016 Charles Earle Pope
2017 Heiner Niemann
2018 David Thomas Armstrong
2018 Marc-André Sirard
2019 Barry Bavister

Distinguished Service Award

This award was established by the Board of Governors in 1991. The primary purpose of this award is to provide recognition for those individuals who have provided outstanding leadership or service to the International Embryo Technology Society or who have contributed in a significant manner to the achievement of the stated purposes of the Society as expressed in Article (2) of the IETS By-laws.

Article II -Purposes
Section 1. The Society shall further the science of embryo production, development and transfer by: (1) promoting more effective research; (2) disseminating scientific and educational information; (3) fostering high standards of education; (4) maintaining high standards of ethics; (5) enhancing the international movement of animal genetics with embryos; (6) coordinating standardization of embryo handling and record procedures internationally; and (7) cooperating with other organizations having similar objectives.

Distinguished Service Award Winners

Year Winner
1991 W. C. Doug Hare
1992 R. E. (Dick) Nelson
2000 Reuben J. Mapletoft
2001 George Seidel
2003 Michel Thibier
2004 Sarah Seidel
2005 Tony Wrathall
2006 Victor Shille
2007 David Stringfellow
2008 Richard Carmichael
2009 Robert Wall
2010 Irma Robertson
2011 Torben Greve
2012 Larry Delver
2013 Andre Bielanski
2014 John F. Hasler
2015 Gabriel Bo
2015 Matthew B. Wheeler
2016 Naida M. Loskutoff
2016 Steph M. Dieleman
2017 Pascale Chavatte-Palmer
2018 Henrik Callesen
2019 Kenneth R. Bondioli
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