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Companion Animals, Non-Domestic & Endangered Species

Committee Chair:
Gabriela Mastromonaco, Ph.D. -

Nucharin Songsasen, Ph.D. -

International Symposia on Assisted Reproductive Technology for the Conservation & Genetic Management of Wildlife

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The Companion Animals, Non-Domestic and Endangered Species (CANDES) Committee of the International Embryo Technology Society is an advisory committee, technically specialized in comparative reproductive physiologies and the application of reproductive biotechnologies in companion animals (including horses, cats, dogs, birds, amphibians, reptiles, fishes and invertebrates), non-domestic species (including farmed animals, such as buffalo, cervids, camelids, and ratites, rare livestock breeds, and zoo animals), and their endangered species counterparts. It provides intellectual and technical resources on CANDES-related matters to the IETS membership via symposia/workshops at the IETS annual meeting and website updates. It submits recommendations based on current scientific knowledge to the IETS Board of Governors to further provide guidance and advice to international governmental regulatory agencies, recognized animal specialty groups and organized species conservation programs.

Please contact either the Chair or a Subcommittee Chair for inquiries or inclusion onto the IETS CANDES membership e-mail list.


Companion Animals, Non-Domestic & Endangered Species (CANDES)
CANDES Subcommittees
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