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Domestic Animal Biomedical Embryology Committee (DABE)

The aim of the DABE Committee is to serve as an informational resource for studies of embryological and developmental biology performed in domestic species that work toward developing biomedical models for pre-clinical and translational research.

These include the derivation, characterization and differentiation of farm- and companion-animal stem cells in order to provide a model for the development of cell-based therapies, the use of transgenesis and cloning for the generation of innovative biomedical models, and other research with similar scope.

The committee will also provide a forum in which to exchange information on funding opportunities and help create partnerships aimed at producing proposals for international grants.

The gathering of an international group of scientists in this field, in conjunction with other committees, will help in clearly defining international regulatory requirements for the safe and legal transport of tissues and cell lines for research purposes.

The DABE Committee will regularly communicate its activities through the IETS web site to the IETS membership.

Current composition of the DABE Committee
Marcia Almeida Monteriro Melo Ferraz (USA/Brazil - Chair) (
Jorge A. Piedrahita (USA/Columbia - Past chair) (
Beatriz Fernandez-Fuertes (Spain) (
Beatriz Rodriguez Alonso (Ireland - Morulas)  
Carol B Hanna (USA) (

The DABE committee organizes scientific events during the IETS annual meetings. If you want to be involved in the organization of these events through a few e-mail messages each year please send your e-mail address to

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