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Data Retrieval Committee

Committee Chair: Joao H M Viana,

Committee Members: Marja Mikkola, Europe; Reuben Mapletoft, Canada; Daniela Demetrio, United States; Joao Henrique Moreira Viana, Brazil; Gabriel Bo, Argentina; Marco Alvarenga, Brazil - equines; Pedro Banales, Uruguay; Sun-Ho Choi, Korea; Morne de la Rey, South Africa; Osamu Dochi, Japan; John Hepburn, New Zealand; Sergio Kmaid, Uruguay; Luis Losinno, Argentina - Equine; Salvador Romo, Mexico; Luiz Nassar, Panama; Bui Xuan Nguyen, Vietnam; Rangsun Parnpai, Thailand; Rob Pashen, Australia; Salvador Romo, Mexico; S. N. Lee, Taiwan; Catalina Velez, Colombia; Joanna Souza, Brazil - ovines; Aditya. K. Misra, India; Zhu Shien, China; Roberto Diaz Navarro, Peru; Willie Vivanco, Peru; Tzong-faa Shiao, Taiwan; Marcelo del Campo, Chile.

To show the main activities and trends in the area of commercial embryo transfer.

To collect and present world-wide data on activities related to embryo transfer technologies in domestic farm animals


  • Establish a group of local collectors for data. Appoint members from partner societies, to be responsible for each country or region.
  • Organize the format of the data collected.
  • Compile the data into one main annual report to be presented in the IETS December Newsletter.
  • Assign appropriate ad hoc IETS members to be "data-collecting persons", defining the region or area or country/i.e., the persons are covering: (1) The person will make initial contact with potential providers of data in his/her area/region (use standard IETS letter of invitation and custom-modify); (2) The data-collecting person must be aware of the Prospectus (i.e., what is done with the data (anonymity, acknowledgement, etc.)
  • Manage the IETS embryo transfer data on the IETS website and ensure all ET activity data are safely stored in the IETS database
Data Retrieval Committee Reports

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Data Retrieval Committee Meeting Minutes

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