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HASAC Committee

Documents (restricted to HASAC committee members)

Current composition of the HASAC Committee
Chair: Julie Gard (USA) -
Manual Subcommittee: Sue Leelawardana (Australia) -
Regulatory Subcommittee: Angela Snell (New Zealand) -
Research Subcommittee: Lamia Briand (France) -

The Health and Scientific Advisory Committee of the International Embryo Technology Society is an advisory Committee, technically specialist in reproductive biotechnologies, animal health and food safety. It responds to the IETS members' questions and requests for advice related to those matters both at a national and international level. It submits recommendations based on current scientific knowledge to the IETS Board of Governors (the Board) to further provide guidance and advice to international Agencies, such as those of the United Nations or of the Office International des Epizooties.

To review regularly and extensively all the literature relevant to those issues, in order to evaluate the potential risks at stake, based on science, for safe international trade of embryos and human consumption of animal or animal products derived from embryo transfer and related technologies.

To develop and provide guidelines such as codes of practice, recommendations and other information pertinent to the safe movement of embryos and safe introduction into the food chain of animal or animal products derived from reproductive biotechnology without unduly restricting technological advance and commerce.

To communicate to the IETS members all its achievements and upon acceptance of the IETS Board, to all the relevant International Agencies.

Health and Safety Advisory Committee
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