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Educational Support Grant Program

Purpose of the Program

To stimulate development of educational materials to meet the educational mission of the IETS Foundation.

To encourage use of electronic technologies to deliver educational information regarding the development, application and research in embryo related technologies, including but not limited to, nuclear transfer, genetic enhancement of animals, embryo and gamete biology, and food safety and risk assessment of products arising from embryo biotechnology.

Foundation Board

The Foundation Board has created a list of topics to encourage the membership to apply for the Educational Support Grant. The following list contains suggestions, and they are not to be taken as the only topics available for the grant.

  • Three-dimensional slides or pictures of embryos (capable of being turned and made bigger or smaller with the computer mouse)
  • New up-to-date educational videos on the ET work (donor flushes, laboratory work, freezing embryos, thawing embryos, transfer of embryos)
  • Controversial points on ET technology
  • Educational video on micromanipulation procedures, cloning, gene editing, or injection for different species

Guidelines & Application
All applications are due by: July 1


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