The IETS Parent Committee on Companion Animals, Non-domestic and Endangered Species (CANDES)
Regulatory Subcommittee Document: Rules and Regulation for Import and Export of Biological Materials, USA

Export Rules and Regulations
1. Permits must be approved

a. USFWLS (Department of Interior Fish and Wildlife Service).
b. If CITES listed permission-apply for export permit (Click here for export permit). Need to justify benefit to species in situ.
c. Accredited veterinarian-signed form (supplied by importing country, if appropriate) stating 'disease free' status of donor animal(s).
d. Commercial invoice (or Proforma) for customs (institution letter-head statement of value of shipment, signed by head of institution).
e. Completed wildlife declaration form 3-177 if required.
f. Notification to Law Enforcement at port of embarkation.

2. Government agency contact

a. United States Fish and Wildlife Service Office of Management Authority
(800)358-2104 or (703)358-2104 Fax: (703)358-2281
(301)734-8170 or 734-836 Fax: (301)734-6402

3. Specimen types requiring export permits
CITES animals & tissues: gametes, embryos, tissue, blood, saliva, hair, feathers.
4. Species/specimen types not requiring export permits
Specimens opportunistically collected (e.g. urines and fecals) depend on import country (e.g. Mexico requires exporter to have permits). Exporter must check with destination country.
Domestic animals (e.g. cat, dog) and their by-products, sheep, goat, llama, water buffalo
Human and non-human primate material (excluding cell cultures).
5. Specific specimen processing requirements
Processing may be different depending on import country requirements.
6. Specific requirements of the organization exporting the specimen
See number 1.
7. Veterinary certificates required
a. Import countries vary.
b. Generally export specimens must be accompanied by a certificate (supplied by country of import), signed by a Government Veterinarian that certifies the animal/specimen has been tested for specific diseases etc.
8. Export permit application forms Link at number 1 or they can be downloaded from websites.