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Trainee Resources

Mentor of the Year

Pat Lonergan (2018)
Agriculture and Food Science
University College Dublin

Matthew B. Wheeler (2017)
Department of Animal Sciences
Chair University Senates Conference
University of Illinois

Gregg P. Adams (2016)
Department of Veterinary Biomedical Sciences
University of Saskatchewan

Rebecca L. Krisher (2015)
Research Director CCRM
National Foundation for Fertility Research

Duane C. Kraemer (2014)
Senior Professor
Veterinary – Physiology & Pharmacology
Texas A&M University

Kenneth Bodioli (2013)
Associate Professor
School of Animal Sciences
Louisiana State University

Peter J. Hansen (2012)
Distinguished Professor & L.E. "Red" Larson Professor
Department of Animal Sciences
University of Florida

IETS Board of Governors Advisor to the Morulas

Patrick Blondin
(since 2009)
Director - R&D
L'Alliance Boviteq Inc.

IETS Annual Meeting Invited Speakers

Pablo J Ross
(since 2009) Director - R&D
L'Alliance Boviteq Inc.

Tony Flint (2012)
Editor-in-Chief for Reproduction, Fertility and Development
Professor, School of Biosciences
University of Nottingham

IETS Foundation Travel Grant to ICAR 2012

Brad Daigneault
(pictured with George Seidel)
PhD Student
Department of Animal Sciences
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

I would like to formally thank everyone who made possible the IETS Foundation Travel Grant to ICAR 2012. As the first recipient of this travel award, I would like to express my sincere appreciation for this unique opportunity and impress my thoughts on the importance of such an award to students like myself.

On a personal note, I was given the opportunity to attend symposia that were most instrumental to the research that I am conducting as a graduate student at the University of Illinois. I found that the breadth of topics and workshops throughout the ICAR meetin made a great impact on my own knowledge and perhaps more importantly, created inspiration for my career endeavors. Travel funds are often limiting, and I sincerely appreciate the opportunity to net work with future colleagues and to have been given the chance to further my own career aspirations. As newly elected Morula Governor, I hope to encourage other students with limited travel finances to apply for this great opportunity.

Thank you
Brad Daigneault

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