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Current Morulas Board of Governors

Osvaldo Bogado Pascottini
University of Antwerp-Ghent University
Office Ends: January 2022

Beatriz Rodriguez Alonso
University of College Dublin
Dublin, Ireland
Office Ends: January 2021

®ESHRE. David

Rolando Pasquariello
University of Milan
Milan, Italy
Office Ends: January 2021


Jesus Manuel Palomino - Superovulation: A tool to produce disease free embryos in wood bison (Bison bison athabascae)

Anna C. Denicol - Sex influences regulation of gene expression by dickkopf 1 in the bovine morula

Tricia Rowlison - Progressive Incorporation of Cenexin is Related to Sperm Maturation During Epididymal Transit in the Domestic Cat

The IETS Morulas Trainee Association

Mission Statement

"To cultivate a supportive organization within the IETS that is dedicated to the personal and professional development of its trainee members. The Morulas Board of Governors shall strive to motivate trainees to become integral participants of the IETS and work to create opportunities that foster their continued investment into the society."

Morulas Board of Governors

The Morulas Board of Governors represents an assembly of three (3) trainee IETS members collectively holding the positions of one (1) President and two (2) Governors. Each is elected by their peers to serve for two (2) consecutive years with elections for the President alternating in years with elections for the Governors. Members of the Morulas Board report to the IETS Board of Governors and work with their Board assigned liaison that provides advisory and oversight assistance.

The general responsibilities of the Morulas Board are to:

  1. Build a global trainee membership base.
  2. Create a sense of community among members through social networking and peer support.
  3. Establish the Morulas as a component of IETS that contributes value furthering the goals and aspirations of the organization.
  4. Support trainee career development through exposure to potential mentors, career opportunities, and research assistance forums.
  5. Develop a trainee forum for exchange of ideas and suggestions for protocols.
  6. Generate revenue to support Morulas grant awards and social functions.

The Morulas trainee association is still in its infancy and requires experience and time to develop a permanent functional structure. To this, endeavors by the Morulas Board will encompass development of applicable by-laws and guidelines that support programs designed to advance IETS trainee careers and education as well as to allow the Morulas the financial freedom to function independently under the supervision of the IETS Board of Governors.

Changes to Morulas Student Group Executive Committee

Approved Changes to Morulas Student Group Executive Committee

Proposed Changes to Morulas Student Group Executive Committee

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