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The IETS provides access to the most current research and clinical procedures associated with ovulation, superovulation, gonadotropins, IVM, IVF, embryonic developmental stages, oocyte cryopreservation, embryo transfer/cloning as well as the follicle, embryo, oocyte, and sperm cell.

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Reproduction, Fertility and Development is an international journal for the publication of original and significant contributions to the field of reproductive biology in vertebrate animals, including humans, livestock and wildlife (as well as pest animals). Work on wildlife must not simply extend familiar biology to a new species – it must show how the species studied adds new perspectives to our general understanding of reproductive biology.

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Position Statement of the IETS on Genome Engineering

The International Embryo Technology Society (IETS) supports genome engineering, including gene editing, as it provides invaluable advances in basic research, animal welfare, sustainable agriculture and safer food production, and human medicine. Genetically engineered products are highly regulated and must pass rigorous safety reviews for humans, agriculture, and the environment. The International Embryo Technology Society will continue to (1) support its members to lead and conduct genome engineering research, (2) provide expertise to regulatory agencies, and (3) engage with the general public for science education.

The Board of Governors of the IETS
April 13, 2021

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2021 Volume 39, Issue 1 March Newsletter

IETS March Newsletter Now Available.

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Assisted Reproduction Technologies (ART)

Assisted Reproduction Technologies (ART) is an efficient way to improve genetics, making it possible to rapidly breed and multiply genetically superior or endangered animals and alleviate infertility in humans...

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2021 IETS Virtual Meeting Platform Link

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2019 Data Retrieval Report

2019 Statistics of embryo production and transfer in domestic farm animals.

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