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The IETS provides access to the most current research and clinical procedures associated with ovulation, superovulation, gonadotropins, IVM, IVF, embryonic developmental stages, oocyte cryopreservation, embryo transfer/cloning as well as the follicle, embryo, oocyte, and sperm cell.

President's Message

Looking to the future

Dear Colleagues,

I have the privilege to welcome you to the new website of our Society. We, as many others, were faced with challenging circumstances both in our private lives and in our work, and IETS might not have been a priority in your agenda. However, it is when circumstances become difficult that we have to give more. I sincerely thank the IETS board and our outgoing President Pascale Chavatte-Palmer for her leadership in these harsh times that are changing our life and as a consequence that of IETS. Our program Chairs (Ann Van Soom and Patrick Blondin) and the LOC had planned for the Annual Conference (AC) to be held in Lima, which unfortunately had to be suspended and transformed in a virtual meeting that has just been concluded. This has been like organizing two ACs rather than one with all the associated organizational, logistic and financial issues. The Board felt that the upgrade of the website was an absolute priority at a time where we spend hours and hours on the internet. To accomplish this, in record timing (less than 6 months), a committee was established, chaired by Marc-André Sirard, to whom I express our gratitude, involving the different souls of IETS, that with the technical support of FASS, has come up with what you are seeing right now. The website is the showcase of IETS, the port of entry of new members and where you can find all the information you need both as a scientist and as a professional in the area of embryo technologies. The website is a never-ending job and it needs continuous updates to keep it live and useful and we count on the input of each of you. Marc-André will continue to lead this project and the BoG will support the development of other modern tools to keep in touch with the base.

In order to achieve all these goals, our hard-working teams on the BoG, at the Foundation and on our numerous committees will need your support. I invite you to renew your subscription or to become a member to keep IETS sailing in the storm.

Cesare Galli

IETS Publications

Reproduction, Fertility and Development is an international journal for the publication of original and significant contributions to the field of reproductive biology in vertebrate animals, including humans, livestock and wildlife (as well as pest animals). Work on wildlife must not simply extend familiar biology to a new species – it must show how the species studied adds new perspectives to our general understanding of reproductive biology.

News and Announcements

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Assisted Reproduction Technologies (ART) is an efficient way to improve genetics, making it possible to rapidly breed and multiply genetically superior or endangered animals and alleviate infertility in humans...

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2019 Statistics of embryo production and transfer in domestic farm animals.

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