Data Retrieval Committee

Committee Chair

Joao H M Viana

Local Data Collectors

Morne de la Rey, Rep South Africa; Amir Shifman, Yoel Zeron, Israel; Luis Nasser, Panama; Reuben Mapletoft (CETA), Canada; Salvador Romo, Mexico; Daniela Demetrio (AETA), United States of America; Gabriel Bo, Argentina (bovine); Fernando Riera, Argentina (equine); Joao Viana, Brazil (bovine); Marco Alvarenga, Brazil (equine); Joanna Souza-Fabjan, Brazil (small rum); Jorge Zambrano Varon, Colombia; María Benítez Mora, Gabriel Soria, Paraguay; Edwin Mellisho, Marlene Miguel Gonzales, Peru; Cedric M Wise, Genstock WA, Australia; Héléne Quinton (AETE), Europe; Friedrich Führer, Austria; Isabelle Donnay, Peter Vercauteren, Belgium; Henrik Callesen, Denmark; Seija Vahtiala, Finland; Serge Lacaze, France; Hubert Cramer, Germany; Foteini Samartzi, Greece; Patrick Lonergan, Ireland; Giovanna Lazzari, Italy; Vita Antane, Latvia; Raisa Nainiene, Lithuania; Helga Flapper, Hilde Aardema, The Netherlands; Marja Mikkola, Norway; João Nestor Chagas e Silva, Portugal; Stefan Ciornei, Romania; Denis Knurow, Viktor Madison, Russian Federation; Aleksandar Milovanovic, Serbia; Janko Mrkun, Slovenia; Daniel Martinez Bello, Spain; Renée Båge, Sweden; Rainer Saner, Switzerland; Roger Sturmey, Brian Graham, United Kingdom.

Mission Statement

To show the main activities and trends in the area of commercial embryo transfer.


To collect and present world-wide data on activities related to embryo transfer technologies in domestic farm animals


  • Establish a group of local collectors for data. Appoint members from partner societies, to be responsible for each country or region.
  • Organize the format of the data collected.
  • Compile the data into one main annual report to be presented in the IETS December Newsletter.
  • Assign appropriate ad hoc IETS members to be "data-collecting persons", defining the region or area or country/i.e., the persons are covering: (1) The person will make initial contact with potential providers of data in his/her area/region (use standard IETS letter of invitation and custom-modify); (2) The data-collecting person must be aware of the Prospectus (i.e., what is done with the data (anonymity, acknowledgement, etc.)
  • Manage the IETS embryo transfer data on the IETS website and ensure all ET activity data are safely stored in the IETS database

Data Retrieval Committee Meeting Minutes