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IETS is a nonprofit organization that brings together scientists and practitioners with the latest knowledge impacting the research, development, and application of embryo and related technologies through educational and networking activities, regulatory guidance, and scientific publications while promoting responsible development and use of animal reproduction technologies.

We help improve animal health and productivity while supporting innovative solutions to some of the world’s most pressing challenges, including

  • Food security
  • Sustainability
  • Environmental conservation
  • Biodiversity

Now we are calling on you to help us continue our work for the next 50 years by donating to our Endowment Fund. Your donation will support our efforts to

  • Continue our efforts as the world’s leading scientific and technical reference on animal assisted reproduction technologies
  • Organize conferences, workshops, and symposia that bring together experts and stakeholders from different fields and regions
  • Work with global regulatory agencies to ensure the safe and effective practice of embryo technologies
  • Provide scholarships and awards to young researchers and students who are pursuing studies in embryo technology
  • Publish scientific articles and other resources that advance our understanding of embryo technology and define shared research standards
  • Foster collaborations and partnerships that enhance the application and impact of embryo technology in animal breeding and reproduction
  • Communicate with the public to improve understanding and acceptance of animal technologies

How it works

Donate to the 50th Anniversary Endowment Fund
By donating directly to our Endowment Fund, you will be investing in the future of embryo technology and contributing to another 50 years of IETS impact.


Donate to the IETS Foundation
Are you located in the United States and looking to make your gift tax deductible? Donate to the IETS Foundation, a 501(c)(3) foundation dedicated to providing an ongoing source of funds for student travel and fostering high standards of education.


What your donation supports

IETS Foundation Donation

The IETS Foundation supports programs that provide continuing education and create opportunities for young scientists wishing to pursue a career in embryo transfer and associated technologies. Programs include

Your support will make a difference, and together we can make a lasting impact on the world’s animal resources, embryo technology, and our shared future. Join our list of donors today!

Corporate donations

Is your company looking to support scientific advancement and gain visibility as a leader in the embryo technology community? Join our list of corporate sponsors directly contributing to the progress of scientific discoveries and breakthroughs in embryo technology by reaching out to Rebecca Krisher at

Thank you to our donors! 

IETS Impact

“We must use embryo technology to make advances in genetic gain that will make livestock production more efficient and thus more sustainable. We have to produce more with less, and using embryo technology is the only way to do that on a timeline that will make a difference to the planet.”
—Rebecca Krisher, President, IETS

“Embryo technologies improve the quality of animals, which improves the health and productivity of the domestic animal industry. This is good for food security and [reduces our] environmental footprint. Secondly the research supported and shared at IETS on wild or rare species conservation is a direct support for better biodiversity.”
—Marc-AndrĂ© Sirard, Vice President, IETS

“Virtually every major zoo research program in the United States and many others around the world are represented in IETS membership, indicating the Society’s vital role in promoting and sustaining biodiversity research. IETS members are valued advisors, collaborators, and co-authors, promoting and advancing critical work in biodiversity.”
—Barbara Durrant, Former IETS Treasurer

“IETS joins the latest technologies in embryo production […] to facilitate and make it affordable to make advancements in animal species, which aids all the crucial challenges that we face today.”
—Daniel Angel Velez, Trainee Member

“IETS has always had a huge impact on embryo science and technology, from the early days with the development of embryo transfer and in vitro fertilization to the future of gene editing. Embryo technologies developed by IETS members have allowed more rapid selection and improvement of production traits and elimination of detrimental genes.”
—Carol L. Keefer, Past President, IETS

“[IETS offers me] the chance to meet and talk to many friends and colleagues and catch up to what has happened in the past year, to have the ‘backstage’ of what is really happening in the field of animal embryo technology.”
—Cesare Galli, Past President, IETS

“IETS members continue to carry out cutting-edge research that makes significant contributions to improving reproductive efficiency through improved knowledge (regulation of embryo development, pregnancy establishment, genetics, management), leading to improvements in production efficiency, which is essential with a growing world population and associated growing demand for safe, high-quality food. Also, members are leading the way in terms of conservation of wild and endangered species and breeds.”
—Patrick Lonergan, Past President, IETS