Distinguished Service Award

This award was established by the Board of Governors in 1991. The primary purpose of this award is to provide recognition for those individuals who have provided outstanding leadership or service to the International Embryo Technology Society or who have contributed in a significant manner to the achievement of the stated purposes of the Society as expressed in Article (2) of the IETS By-laws.

Article II -Purposes

Section 1. The Society shall further the science of embryo production, development and transfer by: (1) promoting more effective research; (2) disseminating scientific and educational information; (3) fostering high standards of education; (4) maintaining high standards of ethics; (5) enhancing the international movement of animal genetics with embryos; (6) coordinating standardization of embryo handling and record procedures internationally; and (7) cooperating with other organizations having similar objectives.

Distinguished Service Award Winners

Year Winner  
1991 W. C. Doug Hare  
1992 R. E. (Dick) Nelson  
2000 Reuben J. Mapletoft  
2001 George Seidel  
2003 Michel Thibier  
2004 Sarah M. Seidel View  
2005 Anthony E. Wrathall View  
2006 Victor M. Shille View  
2007 David Stringfellow View  
2008 Richard A. Carmichael View  
2009 Robert J. Wall View  
2010 Irma Robertson View  
2011 Torben Greve View  
2012 Larry Delver View  
2013 Andrzej Bielanski View  
2014 John F. Hasler View  
2015 Gabriel Bó View  
2015 Matthew B. Wheeler View  
2016 Naida M. Loskutoff View  
2016 Steph J. Dieleman View  
2017 Pascale Chavatte-Palmer View  
2018 Henrik Callesen View  
2019 Kenneth R. Bondioli View  
2020 Brad Stroud View  
2021 Award not Presented  
2022 Peter J. Hansen View  
2023 Sudharma (Sue) Leelawardana View  
2024 George Perry View