About the IETS Foundation

In 1989, the Board of Governors of the IETS established the IETS Foundation to ensure that there will be an ongoing source of funds for student travel and fostering high standards of education.

The Foundation is organized exclusively to stimulate research and support youth programs and education in the field of embryo transfer and its associated technologies in related fields of productive physiology and biomedical activity with the overall objectives of

  • Improving the reproductive efficiency of domestic and feral animals in order to improve the nutrition of the world,
  • Preserving endangered species, and
  • Establishing gene banks.

Monies donated in excess of those required to stage the International Embryo Movement Symposium at the World Veterinary Congress in Montreal in 1987 have been used to seed the Foundation with a "quasi endowment". Only income from the endowment can be used. The Foundations Board of Trustees aim to attain donations to support specific educational activities and to increase the principal of the endowment.

Our goal is to increase endowed funds so that annual income would support specific projects and educational programs. The Foundation is developing new interactive educational programs to complement the outstanding success of the Student Research Competition. We hope you will continue to assist us in supporting these programs and aid us in the development of others.

The Foundation is incorporated in the State of Illinois, USA under the provisions of "The General Not For Profit Corporation Act of 1986", and is recognized by the United States Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(3) foundation. Thus, the Foundation is able to sponsor student travel and educational programs through the income generated from grants and tax deductible contributions.

The IETS Foundation and You

The aims of the Foundation are important to the future of the entire human race. If they are fulfilled, they will ensure the maximum use of the world's animal resources for the survival of your children, your grandchildren, and your great grandchildren.

What is mysterious and novel today will be obvious and commonplace tomorrow provided that the research that needs to be done is done. This means that the money and the people to do it have to be there.

IETS Foundation Programs


To stimulate research that undertakes current challenges or extends the horizons for embryo transfer in relation to increased global animal production and environmental preservation.


To provide continuing education to IETS members and to create opportunities for young scientists wishing to pursue a career in embryo transfer and associated technologies.

Examples include:

  • Student Competition
    Awarded to 6 student competitors each year to defray expenses of attending the Annual IETS Meeting. Grants of $1000 are awarded to six students to attend the meeting and present results of their research projects. Awards are made for the 3 best presentations. Prizes of $600 to the winner and $400 each to the two runners up for the best research presentation based on abstract, poster, and oral delivery.
  • Undergraduate Poster Competition
    Up to 3 finalists will be awarded grants of $1000 each for travel assistance to the annual conference, to present their posters, with awards to be granted for first, and two second places in the amount of $400 for first and two $200 for the second place winners.
  • Peter W. Farin Trainee Travel Scholarship Award
    Up to 5 winners will be awarded grants (between $500 – $1000) for travel assistance to the annual conference, to present to the IETS membership a 3-minute thesis using 1 slide.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Student Competition - $1000

Acknowledgment in the program booklet and from the podium during award presentation.

Student Travel Grants - $500, $1000, $1500

Acknowledgment in the program booklet and from the podium during award presentation with slide of logo projected for each student supported.