Guidelines for IETS Innovation Workshop

  • IETS Innovation Workshops will be stand‐alone conferences sponsored by IETS that focus on a specific topic related to the goals and mission of the IETS. Conferences will be small (<150 attendees), short in duration (1‐3 days), with limited or no support for speaker travel, and at venues (including hotels, resorts and universities) that require limited or no room guarantee or meeting room charges.
  • The purpose of the IETS Innovation Workshops is two‐fold: to contribute to the educational and research mission of the IETS and to raise funds for the IETS Foundation.
  • Organization of an IETS Innovation Workshop will be initiated when one or more members of the IETS acting as proposed Chairs submit a detailed proposal to the IETS Board at least 13 months before the proposed date of the conference. The proposal must contain a detailed budget. Additional details of the proposal must follow guidelines for pre‐ and post‐conference symposia outlined in the Annual Conference Handbook.
  • Workshops will be advertised on the IETS website and registrations for the meeting handled online using FASS. The budget for the meeting must include the management fee charged by FASS.
  • IETS assumes no financial liability for the conference without specific Board approval. In general, IETS will agree to cover up to $5,000 (determined on as case by case basis) in expenses if the Workshop does not raise sufficient funds to cover nonspeaker costs. The IETS will not cover any speaker costs.
  • Registration costs will be waived for speakers.
  • Profits from the meeting will be divided between speakers (no more than 50% of the profit and no more than speaker expenses for travel and hotel) and the IETS Foundation (minimum of 50%).