Tentative Program

46th Annual Conference of the IETS
January 16–19, 2020 (Thursday start)
New York, New York

Program Co-chairs: Peter Hansen, University of Florida
and Anna C. Denicol, University California–Davis

Theme: From stem cells to neonates—the embryo at the center of all

Keynote Speaker

Theresa Woodruff, Northwestern University (USA), Culture of oocytes in artificial ovarian follicles

Session 1: In Vitro Oogenesis and Folliculogenesis

Evelyn Telfer, University of Edinburgh (Scotland), Prospects of oogenesis in vitro in livestock

David Albertini, Center for Human Reproduction (USA), Prospects for novel oocyte-based assisted reproductive technologies in animals and humans

Session 2: Embryonic Stem Cells and Gene Editing

Pablo Ross, University of California–Davis (USA), Derivation and culture of bovine embryonic stem cells

Kiho Lee, Virginia Tech (USA), Gene editing in the pig

Session 3: New Developments in Embryo Transfer Technologies

Xu Han, CryoCrate (USA), New devices for cryopreservation of embryos and sperm (pig)

Filippo Miglior, Ontario Genomics (Canada), Genetics of embryo production in cattle

Session 4: Developmental Programming Associated with Assisted Reproduction

Rocio Rivera, University of Missouri (USA), Consequences of assisted reproductive techniques on the embryonic epigenome in cattle

Luis Siqueira, Embrapa (Brazil), Consequences of assisted reproductive technologies for function of the offspring in cattle

Session 5: Enhancing Success of Embryo Transfer Programs

Bernard Roelen, Utrecht University (Netherlands), Bovine oocyte maturation and developmental competence

Marja Mikkola, Geno SA (Norway), Factors affecting embryo production in superovulated Bos taurus cattle