47th Annual Conference of the IETS
Virtual Conference

Program Co-chairs: Ann Van Soom, and Patrick Blondin

Theme: Embryo Technologies in a Changing Climate

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Monday, January 18

Opening Ceremony and Sponsor Announcements
Posters Open for Viewing

DABE Preconference Workshop

Extracellular Vesicles in Biomedical Embryology
Introduction to workshop – Marcia Ferraz and Beatriz Rodriguez Alonso

Extracellular vesicles isolation and characterization

Dr. Kenneth W. Witwer, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
     Part 1: Methods for isolation and quantification
     Part 2: MISEV guidelines for EVs experiments

Micro-engineering EVs

Dr. Ke Cheng, Randall B. Terry, Jr. Distinguished Professor in Regenerative Medicine

Morulas-DABE Science SLAM, 5-minute presentations

Validation of candidate mutation responsible for embryonic lethality in Holstein haplotype 2 carriers, Kelsey Clark (Abstract 96)

High-resolution ribosome profiling reveals translational selectivity in the mammalian blastocyst, Linkai Zhu (Abstract 47)

SIN3A regulates porcine early embryonic development by modulating CCNB1 expression, Kun Zhang (Abstract 64)

Correction of CFTR/G542X mutation using CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing in ovine-bovine interspecies Embryos, Zhiqiang Fan (Abstract 92)

Analysis of miRNA content of oviduct and uterine extracellular vesicles across the bovine estrous cycle, Meriem Hamdi (Abstract 36)

Embryo aggregation and adipose-derived mesenchymal donor cells in bovine SCNT, Virgilia Alberio (Abstract 16)

Science SLAM Awards and closing remarks

Gene editing using Evs

Dr. Randy Schekman, University of California, Berkeley

Tuesday, January 19

Session I: Sustainable and Safe Food Production

Key traits for ruminant livestock across diverse production systems in the context of climate change: perspectives from a global platform of research farms
Michael Lee, University of Bristol, United Kingdom

IETS Foundation Student Competition Presentations

Effect of cytokine supplemented maturation medium on bovine somatic cell nuclear transfer embryo development
J Keim*, Y Liu, M Regouski, R Stott, G.N. Singina, and I.A. Polejaeva (Abstract 1)

Intrafollicular injection of asprosin in water buffaloes and the potential role of FBN1 mRNA and asprosin in follicular function
Excel Rio Maylem*1, Leon Spicer, Eufrocina Atabay, Edwin Atabay, Isadora Batalha, and Luis Schutz (Abstract 2)

Modulation of glycolysis alters histone acetylation and gene expression in bovine blastocysts produced in vitro
A. M. Fonseca Junior*, E. E. Paulson, D. E. Goszczynski, J. Ispada, E. C. Santos, C. B. Lima, J. V. A. Silva, P. J. Ross, and M. P. Milazzotto (Abstract 3)

Aryl hydrocarbon receptor targets are upregulated in porcine blastocyst-stage embryos that were cultured in vitro: a transcriptional analysis
P. R. Chen*, L. D. Spate, W. G. Spollen, R. F. Cecil, M. S. Samuel, and R. S. Prather (Abstract 4)

Heat stress during pregnancy compromises intrauterine development and reproductive parameters of female progeny in C57BL/6J mice
Tays F. M. Bento*, José Ricardo N. da Silva, Joanna M. G. Souza-Fabjan, Robson C. Silva, Sâmara B. Silva, Isabella R. Dias, Cristiane R. F. Moura, Isaías O. Gino, and Ribrio Ivan T. P. Batista (Abstract 5)

Immunological aspects of ovarian follicle ovulation and corpus luteum formation in cattle
NA Al Rabiah*, ACO Evans, J McCormack, JA Browne, P Lonergan1, and T Fair (Abstract 6)

Sponsor's Open House

Sponsors will be available to meet and discuss products and new technology

Poster Session I

Odd number posters will be available for viewing and author discussion

Session II: Local Food Production

Investigation of male and female infertility in llamas and alpacas
Ahmed Tibary, Washington State University, USA

In vitro production of small ruminant embryos: latest improvements and further research
Joanna Maria Gonçalves de Souza-Fabjan, Universidade Federal Fluminense, Brazil

Wednesday, January 20

Session III: Changing Climate: heat stress and tropical diseases

Emerging diseases in international trade in embryos
Julie Gard Schnuelle, Auburn University, USA

Heat-stress reduces maturation and developmental capacity in bovine oocytes
Zvi S. Roth, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel

Session IV: Stopping time in reproduction

Embryonic diapause in mammals and dormancy in embryonic stem cells with the European Roe deer as experimental model
Susanne Ulbrich, ETH Zurich, Switzerland

Dry storage of mammalian spermatozoa and cells: state-of-the-art and possible future directions
Pasqualino Loi, University of Teramo, Italy

Poster Session II

Even number posters will be available for viewing and author discussion

Sponsor's Open House

Sponsors will be available to meet and discuss products and new technology

Peter Farin Trainee Award Winners Presentations

Concurrent Sessions

Practitioners' Forum

Chair: Dragos Scarlet

The role of b-NGF in the luteotrophic effect in llamas
Marcelo Ratto, Universidad Austral De Chile

Selected short presentations

Morulas Career Jam
Chair: Osvaldo Bogado Pascottini
How to choose a research path in academia and industry Ann Van Soom, Ghent University, Belgium, Pierre Comizzoli, Smithsonian Institution National Zoological Park, Washington, USA

Morulas Forum

Thursday, January 21

Session V: Future biotechnologies

Artificially produced gametes in mice, humans and other species
Katsuhiko Hayashi, Kyushu University, Japan

Keynote speaker

Environmental impacts on sperm and oocyte epigenetics influence embryonic cell epigenetics and transcription to promote the epigenetic inheritance of pathology and phenotypic variation
Michael Skinner, Washington State University, USA

Awards Presentation and Updates

IETS Foundation Early Career Achievement Award Winner
IETS Foundation Student Competition Awards, CANDES, DABE, and HASAC updates

IETS Business Meeting

Closing ceremony


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