Morulas Board of Governors

The Morulas Board of Governors represents an assembly of three (3) trainee IETS members collectively holding the positions of one (1) President and two (2) Governors. Each is elected by their peers to serve for two (2) consecutive years with elections for the President alternating in years with elections for the Governors. Members of the Morulas Board report to the IETS Board of Governors and work with their Board assigned liaison that provides advisory and oversight assistance.

The general responsibilities of the Morulas Board are to:

  1. Build a global trainee membership base.
  2. Create a sense of community among members through social networking and peer support.
  3. Establish the Morulas as a component of IETS that contributes value furthering the goals and aspirations of the organization.
  4. Support trainee career development through exposure to potential mentors, career opportunities, and research assistance forums.
  5. Develop a trainee forum for exchange of ideas and suggestions for protocols.
  6. Generate revenue to support Morulas grant awards and social functions.

The Morulas trainee association is still in its infancy and requires experience and time to develop a permanent functional structure. To this, endeavors by the Morulas Board will encompass development of applicable by-laws and guidelines that support programs designed to advance IETS trainee careers and education as well as to allow the Morulas the financial freedom to function independently under the supervision of the IETS Board of Governors.

Changes to Morulas Student Group Executive Committee

Approved Changes to Morulas Student Group Executive Committee

October 2012 the IETS Board of Governors approved the four proposed changes to format for the Morulas Executive Committee.

  1. The organization for the newly titled “Morulas Board of Governors” will consist of three elected officials. Two shall be elected as “Governors” and one shall be elected as “President”.
  2. All three members will share in the responsibilities previously allocated to specific members of the executive committee. Details on responsibilities can be found above.
  3. All members will serve for two years.
  4. Elections for the Governors shall alternate every year with elections for President so that at any given year, at least one member on the Board will have experience planning for annual meeting events.

Elections held in 2012 will bring into office two new Governors and the elections in 2013 will establish a new President.

Proposed Changes to Morulas Student Group Executive Committee

Based on recommendations by IETS advisors and discovery through “growing pains”, the members of the Morulas executive committee, being Carrie Hanna, Mike Peoples, and Sebastian Demyda, would like to propose minor changes to the format of the Morulas executive committee.

The current format supports three (3) elected members to the committee:

  1. President/Director of Membership (current ‐ Carrie Hanna); 3 year term
  2. Vice President/Director of Career Development (current ‐ Mike Peoples); 2 year term
  3. Vice President/Director of International Affairs (current ‐ Sebastian Demyda); 2 year term

Each position has a specific list of responsibilities (described on the IETS web page) for which that member is charged with managing throughout their term of service. In practice, these specific responsibilities are discussed and carried out by all members on the committee.

The proposed changes would be to the committee format in language only, to the term duration for the President, and schedule of elections. Specifically, the changes would:

  1. Change the term “Morulas Executive Committee” to “Morulas Board of Governors” and consist of three (3) elected Governors, one (1) of which would be the elected President.
  2. The term of service for the President would decrease from three (3) years down to two (2).
  3. The election cycle for the President would alternate with the election cycle for the two (2) Governor positions so that at any given year, at least one member on the Board would have at least one year experience planning for annual meeting events [elections for the Governor positions would occur in even number years (i.e. 2012) and the President in odd number years (i.e. 2013)].
  4. The list of specific responsibilities would become that of the entire Board and not divided up among individual Governors.

Upon approval of these proposed changes, the Board will transition them into effect beginning this year, 2012, with the election for the two Governor positions. The newly appointed Governors would assume their post at the conclusion of the 2013 IETS annual conference to mark the beginning of their two (2) year service. Elections for President would be conducted in 2013 with the incoming member assuming the role at the conclusion of the 2014 IETS annual conference.

These changes reflect a desire to streamline organization of the executive committee and to prevent undo burden on any one member. It is the desire of this executive committee that as the Morulas grow in membership, service in leadership is a shared responsibility by all members, manageable even with the obligations intrinsic to trainee advancement.


Krishna Chaitanya Pavani
University of Ghent /Ghent University Hospital
Office Ends: January 2024


Daniel Angel Velez
Ghent University
Merelbeke, Belgium
Office Ends: January 2025


Alejandro de la Fuente-Lara
University of California
Davis, California, USA
Office Ends: January 2025

Past Board of Governor

Year Sort Position Name
2021 1 President Osvaldo Bogado Pascottini
2021 2 Governor Carolina Tiemi Cardoso Okada
2021 2 Governor Morgan Orsolini
2020 1 President Osvaldo Bogado Pascottini
2020 2 Governor Beatriz Rodriguez Alonso
2020 2 Governor Rolando Pasquariello
2019 1 President Pouya Dini
2019 2 Governor Beatriz Rodriguez Alonso
2019 2 Governor Rolando Pasquariello
2018 1 President Pouya Dini
2018 2 Governor Beatriz Fernandez-Fuertes
2018 2 Governor Paula Tribulo
2017 1 President Marcello Rubessa
2017 2 Governor Beatriz Fernandez-Fuertes
2017 2 Governor Paula Tribulo
2016 1 President Marcello Rubessa
2016 2 Governor Marcia de Almeida Melo Ferraz
2016 2 Governor Jesus Manuel Palomino
2015 1 President Brad Daigneault
2015 2 Governor Marcia de Almeida Melo Ferraz
2015 2 Governor Jesus Manuel Palomino
2014 1 President Brad Daigneault
2014 2 Governor Chelsie Steinhauser
2014 2 Governor Marcia de Almeida Melo Ferraz
2013 1 President Carol (Carrie) Hanna
2013 2 Governor Chelsie Burroughs
2013 2 Governor Brad Daigneault
2012 1 President Carol (Carrie) Hanna
2012 2 Governor Sebastián Demyda-Peyrás
2012 2 Governor Michael D. Peoples
2011 1 President Carol (Carrie) Hanna
2011 2 Governor Sebastián Demyda-Peyrás
2011 2 Governor Michael D. Peoples