Bylaws of the International Embryo Transfer Society Morulas

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Article I‐ Name

Section 1. The Name of the Organization shall be International Embryo Transfer Society Morulas, hereafter referred to as the Morulas.

Section 2. The Morulas was initiated in 2010 as a trainee association subcommittee of the International Embryo Transfer Society, hereafter referred to as the Society, and is subject to all by‐laws and regulations of that Society.

Section 3. The principal office of the Morulas shall be designated by the membership.

Article II‐ Purposes

Section 1. To cultivate a supportive organization within the Society that is dedicated to the personal and professional development of its trainee members. The Morulas Board of Governors shall strive to motivate trainees to become integral participants of the Society and work to create opportunities that foster their continued investment into the society.

Article III‐ Membership

Section 1. Student members of the Society, defined as: persons enrolled in an academic institution at the undergraduate, graduate, professional, or post‐doctoral level as certified annually by an academic advisor. Members must be active, current on dues, to be eligible for funding through the Morulas, access to the Morula webpage, and eligible to run for the Board of Governors. Students without active membership in the Society may attend all Morulas activities.

Section 2. Eligibility to vote requires that students be an active member of the Society.

Article IV‐ Dues

Section 1. All dues will be handled by the Society.

Article V‐ Meetings

Section 1. A business meeting of the Morulas will be held annually in conjunction with the annual meeting of the Society.

Section 2. The Morulas Board of Governors will meet at least bi‐annually either in person or by remote access.

Article VI‐ Board of Governors

Section 1. The Board of Governors will consist of one President and two Governors who will be voted into position by the membership. The Morulas Board of Governors will report to the Society Board of Governors and work with their Board‐assigned liaison who will provide advisory and oversight assistance.

Section 2. The President and Governors positions will be filled on alternate years by a general membership election. The elections will be electronic and take place in English with specific guidelines for candidates defined before each election. Candidacy can be revoked at the discretion of the current Board of Governors if election guidelines are not followed. Candidates must be an active Student member of the Society with less than four years since their last graduation at the time they take office without commitment to a non‐training position at the time of election.

Section 3. In the event that a current Governor is elected President or that a Governor leaves their position, elections must be held within three months to fill the position.

Section 4. Among the Board of Governors, a Secretary will be chosen in order to maintain the records of the Morulas.

Section 5. A term will be two years for any person elected to a Board of Governors position. A person who holds the position of President may only serve one term. Persons holding a Governor position will be allowed to serve for two terms and may be elected to the President position.

Section 6. A person may be removed from the Board of Governors if their actions do not represent the best interests of the Morulas. First, the Board of Governors must go through mediation with their Society advisor. Second, the issue will be brought before the Society Board of Governors with their recommendation being the final ruling on the issue.

Article VII‐ Committees

Section 1. The Board of Governors will annually appoint standing, special, or subcommittees that are required by the by‐laws or determined necessary. Such committees may include, but are not limited to:

‐International Student Affairs Subcommittee (ISAS)

The description of each committee and a definition of its responsibilities will be approved by the Board of Governors.

Article VIII‐ Amendments

Section 1. Amendments to the by‐laws must be approved by the Society Board of Governors.