Peter W. Farin Trainee Travel Scholarship

As you prepare to submit your abstracts, do not forget to apply for the Peter Farin Trainee Award (between $500 and $1,500) if you are an undergraduate, graduate, postdoctoral, or veterinary student. Scientists, please encourage your trainees to apply.

All applications must be submitted through the IETS online awards website.

If this is your first visit to the website, you will need to create a new nominator account (in effect, you are nominating yourself). If you have been a nominator in the past, please enter your login and password and proceed to the nominator webpage.

You will need to provide the following documents to apply:

  • Letter of intent containing
    • a statement about your research interest and the impact that your research could have on the field
    • the educational advantage of attending the IETS Annual Conference
    • your intended career path
  • Letter of support from advisor or mentor
  • CV or résumé

Winners will each make a three-minute thesis presentation using only one slide to the membership during the Annual Conference. The slide will be based on their accepted submitted abstract to the IETS Abstract submission site. You also may be asked to participate as a session co-chair for one of the Annual Conference sessions.

While we encourage you to apply for both the student competition and the Peter Farin Trainee Award, finalists of the student competition will be removed from consideration for the Peter Farin Trainee Award as you cannot receive both awards in the same year.

Review process
The application submission deadline is August 15, 2023. Winners will be notified the week of September 20.

Peter W. Farin Trainee Travel Scholarship Winners

2023 Award Winners

Shilpa Doultani, Miruna Munteanu, Saurav Ranjitkar, Patricia Fontes, Alejandro de la Fuente-Lara

2022 Award Winners

Caitlin Ross, Alba Perez Gomez, Katy Stoecklein, Alan Crowe, and Isabel Maria Gimeno

2021 Award Winners

Giovana Di Donato Catandi
Colorado State University

Jessica Lemos Motta
Ohio State University

Miranda L. Zwiefelhofer
University of Saskatchewan

Kohei Kawano
Hokkaido University

Camila Arroyo Salvo
Universidad de Bueno Aires

2020 Award Winners

Left to right: Co-Chair: Jennifer Barfield, Colorado State University, Emilie Derisoud, UMR BDR - INRA, Jordana Sena Lopes, University of Murcia, Nicolás Ortega, Karolinska Institutet, Paula R. Chen, University of Missouri, Juliana Candelaria, University of California, Davis, Co-Chair, Nisar Ahmad Wani, Reproductive Biotechnology Centre

2019 Award Winners

Left to right: Paola Toschi, University of Teramo, Rolando Pasquariello, Colorado State University, Chair: Jennifer Barfield, Colorado State University, Kelsey Brooks, Oregon National Primate Research Center, Kyungjun Uh, Virginia Tech University, Parker Pennington from the San Diego Institute for Conservation Research

2018 Award Winners

Left to right: Chair: Jennifer Barfield, Colorado State University, Hanna J. McLennan, University of Adelaide, Camille C. Goblet, Texas A&M University, Natália Avila de Castro, Universidade Federal de Pelotas, Claire Timlin, Virginia Tech, Brittany, A Foster, Louisiana State University

2017 Award Winners

Left to right: Pilar Ferré Pujol, Okayama University; Isabel Cata Velez, Universidad Nacional de Colombia; Alison Julien, Mississippi State University; Lauren Agcanas, Mississippi State University; Ricardo Nociti, São Paulo State University; Chair: Jennifer Barfield, Colorado State University

2016 Award Winners

Pablo Ross, Co-Chair, University of California, Davis; Luiz Gustavo Siqueria, University of Florida; Karen Unde, Utrecht University; Lindsey Vansandt, Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden, Carina Blaschka, Justus-Liebig-University; Niamh Lewis, University of Liverpool; Mia Yang, Utah State University, Jennifer Barfield, Co-Chair, Colorado State University