Call for Abstracts

This is the 2023 IETS call for abstracts. Information for submitting an abstract is posted at Save this URL; bookmark the page today to access later. In addition, do not forget to highlight July 20, 2022, on your calendars; this is the deadline for abstract submissions.

2023 Annual Conference of the International Embryo Technology Society January 16-19, 2023, Westin Lima Hotel & Convention Center, Lima, Peru.

This is a different start date for the meeting. The meeting will begin with the preconference on Monday, January 16, and the IETS Annual Conference will run Tuesday, January 17, through Thursday, January 19.

Mark your calendars!

General information: Free communication will be presented as posters, abstracts of which will be published in the January 2023 issue of Reproduction, Fertility and Development. The first author or a representative is required to present an expanded report of the data in poster format at the annual conference.

Students may enter abstracts in a competition sponsored by the IETS Foundation and are eligible to compete for travel awards.

Students presenting abstracts must be listed as first authors for the competitions.

Details on eligibility, judging procedures, and prizes are available on the IETS website. Students entering the student competition must be listed as first author.

Abstract requirements: Abstracts must be in English and prepared strictly according to the instructions for submission. The language should be concise and avoid jargon.

Abbreviations must be defined and should be used sparingly. Abstracts should consist of unpublished, original data and contain objectives, experimental methods (including statistical methods), results, and conclusions. The program co-chairs and two other referees will subject each abstract to rigorous scientific review. Rejection by the program co-chairs is final. If withdrawal of an abstract becomes necessary, notify the program co- chairs by August 25, 2022.

Submission restrictions: Due to space restrictions, submissions are limited. An individual may not be first author of more than one abstract. Space limitations allow a maximum of 3,250 keystrokes (including characters, spaces, and punctuation). Begin count at the title and end count with the last word. Abstracts that are too long will be rejected automatically by the system. Coding for special characters is not included in the total keystroke count if you must use boldface, italic, or sub- or superscript type anywhere in the abstract. This special coding is not counted in the 3,250 allowed keystrokes. Special characters, such as Greek letters and math symbols, are available on the electronic submission form itself. If your abstract includes a table, the keystroke limit will be 2,750 for the abstract and 500 for the table. The electronic submission form requires using the Table Wizard for preparation of tables. The printed abstract width allows for 70 keystrokes per line, including spaces; keep this in mind when formatting the table. Tables that are too wide are not

printable. You must also include coding for text attributes in the table. This includes italicization, superscripting, and subscripting of numbers and letters in the table and the footnotes.

Submission deadlines: Abstracts must be submitted via the website only. No fax or email copies will be accepted. The firm deadline for receipt of the abstract via the website is July 20, 2022, by 11:59 pm central daylight savings time.

Author agreements: By submitting an abstract, the author verifies (1) that the information in the submitted manuscript has never been published and is the work of the named authors, who all agree to be listed as coauthors, and (2) that the first author or a representative will present an expanded report of the data in poster form at the annual conference. Failure to present a poster after your abstract has been published in the conference proceedings can result in rejection of abstracts submitted by your laboratory in future years. Your absence and that of your poster have a negative effect on the quality of the poster session. Attendees are disappointed that they are not able to see a presentation of the data that you summarized in the abstract. All accepted abstracts are expected to be presented at the annual conference. Authors need to be aware of patent and copyright considerations before submitting an abstract for publication. The submission of abstracts by our members points to the success of our meeting!

Thank you!

2023 IETS Co-Chairs

Hanna Grothmann and Felipe Perecin


2023 posters and videos are now available for review

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