Past, present and future of reproductive biotechnologies - IETS 50th Anniversary

Denver, Colorado
January 9-12, 2024

Wednesday, January 10

Session I: The Past - 50 years of IETS, how far have we come

The journey of IETS in science and practice: Practitioners view
John Hasler, Vetoquinol, USA

Management by IETS of the embryo pathogen interaction challenges
Michel Thibier, France

How did I overcome problems in in vitro fertilization of livestock animals
Takashi Nagai, Japan

The contribution of science to practice: 50 years of perspective
Reuben Mapletoft, University of Saskatchewan, Canada

Discussion with the four speakers

Poster Viewing and Exhibits

IETS Foundation Student Competition Presentations

Session II: Determinants of pregnancy establishment

Maternal determinants of embryo development and offspring health
Zongliang Jiang, University of Florida, USA

Paternal determinants of early embryo development and pregnancy establishment
Sofia Ortega, Wisconsin State University, USA

Poster Viewing and Exhibits

Selected short presentations

Thursday, January 11

Session III: The present technologies that changed the direction of the ET industry

Reproduction in the era of genomics and automation
Ricardo Chebel, University of Florida, USA

Advancements in embryo culture media for success in the ET industry
Deirdre Zander-Fox, Monash IVF Group, Australia

Session IV: Fetal growth and placental function

Embryo-maternal communication: Developing the tools we need to understand this two-way dialog
Niamh Forde, University of Leeds, United Kingdom

Understanding placentation in ruminants
Gregory Johnson, Texas A&M University, USA

Friday, January 12

Session V: New Advancements in reproductive in reproductive technologies

Gene editing in cattle for better adaptation to the changing environment
Goetz Laible, AgResearch, New Zealand

Embryo derived meat production
Eldar Zehorai, Aleph Farms, Israel

Session VI: George E. Seidel Jr. Keynote Lecture
The Future of Embryo Technologies

The oocyte: the key player in the success of embryo technologies
Trudee Fair, University College Dublin, Ireland