Submission Procedures

Instructions for submitting an abstract are available on the website. The firm deadline for receipt of the abstract via the website is July 15, 2021, 11:59 p.m. CDT. After the deadline, it will not be possible to submit abstracts using the website. When you submit your abstract, you will be given a tracking number and a password. It is very important to keep a record of these. Please print the page with this information, and keep it for your records. You may revise submitted abstracts any time before the deadline, but you can only access your abstract using the password and tracking number. IETS headquarters will not have access to your tracking number and password if you lose them.

Be sure to mark your first and second section preferences on the submission form.

If you are a student and want to be entered in the Student Competition, you MUST mark Student Competition for your first section preference. Be sure to follow the instructions, fill out the appropriate application form that is located on the IETS website, and submit the form by the deadline. You must be the first author and may submit only one abstract for the competition.

Final selection of a section is left to the discretion of the program co-chairs. Sections are as follows:

Graduate Student Competition**
Bioethics, Welfare, and Sustainability
Case Reports and Field Data
Cloning / Nuclear Transfer
Companion CANDES
Cryopreservation / Cryobiology
Developmental Biology
Early Pregnancy
Embryo Culture
Embryo Manipulation
Embryo Transfer
Epidemiology / Diseases
Fertilization / ICSI / Activation
Folliculogenesis / Oogenesis
Genetic Engineering
Male Physiology
Oestrus Synchronization / Artificial Insemination
Oocyte Collection
Oocyte Maturation
Periconceptional / Fetal Programming
Stem Cells
Undergraduate Poster Competition **

**This is for all those students in the Foundation Student Competition. A second preference MUST be chosen and the proper application forms submitted.

Check all author names and companies/universities for spelling. Check abstract for correct data before submitting.

Important Note: If your abstract includes a table, please use the abstract system to submit it electronically. In addition to submitting the table electronically, you must fax a copy of the abstract to IETS headquarters at (217) 398-4119 so that we can verify the table layout. Please provide the author name, program section, and tracking number on the printed copy of the abstract.

The use of figures and charts in abstracts is strongly discouraged. There is no electronic way to submit a figure. If your abstract must include a figure, in addition to submitting the abstract electronically, you must send one printed copy and a disk containing the figure to IETS headquarters to be received no later than July 15, 2021. The figure should be saved as an EPS file. On the diskette label provide the name and version of the origination software, operating system, name of the first author, file name(s), program section, and abstract tracking number, and on the printed copy of the abstract, include the author name, program section, and tracking number.

Please contact the IETS headquarters office if you have any questions.


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