48th Annual Conference of the IETS
January 10-13, 2022

Program Co-Chairs: Hilde Aardema and Flavio Vieira Meirelles

Theme: Adaptation of early life to prepare for healthy future

Session I –The optimal environment for gametes and the proper environment

Metabolic exchanges between the oocyte and its environment: focus on lipids

Svetlana Uzbekova (INRAE, France)

Strategies to increase the number of high-quality oocytes for IVF procedures in bovine and human practice

Jos√© Buratini (UNESP, Brazil)

Session II – Maternal conditions affecting future performance in practice

Matching 'donors and recipients' in terms of breed and age does it affect performance of the next generation in cattle?

Pietro Baruselli (USP, Brazil)

Mare parity, age and lactation at the time of conception: what difference does it make?

Pascale Chavatte-Palmer (UMR Breed, France)

Session III – Methods to mimic the in vivo environment in vitro

Can we manage the dam to improve the oviduct environment for the embryo?

Dimitrios Rizos (INIA, Spain)

Sperm triggers the immune response of the uterus to combat against other sperm?

Akio Miyamoto (Obihiro University, Japan)

Session IV – Modifications to the epigenome for healthy offspring via the male and female gametes

Oocyte programming by cumulus cells

Claude Robert (Université Laval, Canada)

The role of sncRNAs in embryo development and their relevance as biomarkers of semen fertility

Eli Sellem (ALLICE, France)

Session V – How to recognize a vital gamete and embryo

Extracellular vesicles-coupled MicroRNAs as mediators of the effect of physiological and environmental factors on bovine oocytes and embryos

Dawit Tesfaye (Colorado State University, USA)

Quality parameters to identify good quality oocytes and embryos

Christine Wrenzycki (Justus-Liebig-University Giessen, Germany)

Keynote Speaker

How the environment affects early embryonic development

Marc-Andre Sirard (Université Laval, Canada)

Practitioners forum

Assess gamete and embryo quality with practical tools
Chairs: Matthew Wheeler (University of Illinois, USA)
Brad Lindsey (Ovitra Biotechnology Inc., USA)